Uri Pachter

Cool idea that asks the question: how might we create and design new housing, particularly housing that is affordable, adaptable, and sustainable? neighborland.com/ideas/sf-prot...


Support ProtoHouse – a space for affordable/innovative housing prototypes on Market Street

AboutProtoHouse is a space for curated, changing display of innovative urban dwellings. The installation space will host a series of either complete micro-units fitting within the 12'x12'x12' space, or sections of larger units; in either case, with partial cutaway or transparent sides to allow viewing of and/or access to the interiors. The...


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Posted Dec 8, 2014
Mark Romoser
Mark Romoser
Jan 9, 2015

How could such a small space be made wheelchair-accessible?

Posted by Mark Romoser on Jan 9, 2015
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