Cherie Walkowiak

The moment we’ve been waiting for has arrived - the Castro Street redesign has been released!! Please find the agenda here:
Agenda (Item 3.1):

You will find also an overview of the design in "Attachment 2 - Overall Castro Street Improvement," in the Agenda above.
Details about the design are in the Study Session Memo, also in the Agenda above.

City staff will present the design and take public comments at a study session at 5pm Tuesday, February 9th in Council Chambers at City Hall (500 Castro Street). Bring a middle school student, and wear green in solidarity!!

Safe Mountain View will hold a meet-up outside City Hall at 4:30 for supporters to band together before the study session. RSVP:

If you can’t make it to the study session, please write a letter of support to City Council:

Some things we LOVE about this design are:
- protected bike lanes
- green paint
- safety islands at some of the intersections
- the elimination of the slip lane at Miramonte
- bulb outs to shorten the crossing distance for people walking across the street

Cherie Walkowiak

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Posted Feb 5, 2016
Anand Hattiangadi
Anand Hattiangadi
Feb 5, 2016

Lots to love about the design. Protected bike lanes, bulb-outs, etc. However I don't see a solution for the scariest part of biking to Graham from OMV/Castro - turning left into the school parking lot. Currently this involves merging across 2 lanes and taking an unprotected left across traffic. Currently most kids avoid this by biking the wrong way down the sidewalk to Graham, or turning onto Sonia Way and then biking into the back of Graham (diametrically opposite to most of the bike parking at Graham). I worry that with the current design it will actually be harder to cut across traffic to the unprotected left, and biking the wrong way down the Graham side will actually be harder as well.
I would like to see a plan for the left turn, ideally something along the lines of
How does one provide feedback/help improve the design?

Posted by Anand Hattiangadi on Feb 5, 2016
Cherie Walkowiak
Cherie Walkowiak
Feb 5, 2016

You can write a message to:

Or it you are free, you could come to the study session and tell council what you think: 5pm City Hall - 500 Castro Street

Safe Mountain View will hold a Meet-Up before the study session. We'll band together outside City Hall at 4:30.

Posted by Cherie Walkowiak on Feb 5, 2016
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