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Here's a recap from NextCity:

"The venue, Frank Ogawa Plaza, isn’t typically known for its welcoming feel. The grass-and-concrete space in front of City Hall is mostly known for its role as a gathering point for Occupy Oakland protestors. Our City co-founder Jake Levitas describes it as “basically the most underutilized space in Oakland, if not the Bay Area, in terms of where it is now and where it could be. There’s a beautiful lawn; nobody ever plays on it.”

But for three days, the plaza was a welcoming place for everyone to play, whether it was with a giant mancala board or a “photo wall” or an evening storytime. Kids who “think they’re going to get pepper-sprayed” at the plaza, according to Boyle, were helping to run the installations.

“That’s huge, that’s big, to see kids feel like they are reclaiming a public space, that they are wanted and that their creativity is prized,” says Boyle."



Oaklanders Reclaim Public Space at Design Fair

Arts-driven event in front of City Hall fosters civic engagement.


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Posted Apr 6, 2016
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