"The $4.2 million project will replace traditional cobra head streetlights, commonly seen in residential areas, with decorative twin teardrop poles like the ones illuminating the streets near City Hall. The 22-foot-high poles will be installed on the north and south sides of Jones, Leavenworth, Hyde and Larkin streets between McAllister and O’Farrell streets, and also on Eddy Street between Larkin and Mason streets.

“This is a complete teardown and rebuild,” said Barbara Hale, assistant general manager for power for the PUC. “We haven’t done much of it historically because we haven’t had the dedicated funding. This opportunity won’t just improve lights. It’s going to give a different look and feel to the streets. The Tenderloin is going to get a spiffing up.”"



100 new streetlights planned to brighten dark Tenderloin

Before the sun rises, students in uniform walk the Tenderloin’s dark streets on their way to school. To help with that, the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission plans to start installing 100 streetlights in the neighborhood’s darkest corridors this year. Neighbors and those who plan to work at the new California Pacific Medical Center on...


Posted Feb 12, 2017
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