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Sheryl Bennett

54 neighbors want a mix of retail, restaurants, shops, and entertainment around Turner Field.

Individual comments included:
- Development similar to Ponce City Market and Krog Street Market
- Turn the Turner Field area into a shopping, entertainment and dining space
- Home Depot, Massage Envy, Target – No Walmart
- Turn this privately owned parking into usable space
- Need a shopping center for major shopping retail; i.e. supermarket, movies and theater, drycleaners
- Old store and lot that can be repurposed for a neighborhood market restaurant to meet the needs of the area in a walkable neighborhood
- Ziba is Grant Park’s best kept secret and don’t want to lose it to a greedy landlord who “gentrifies” out what’s good
- Empty lots along RDA – would be great to see more development to add to limited retail (Family Dollar) and restaurants (656 Tom / Hank)
- Neighborhood resident focused development: grocery, pharmacy, childcare, parks
- Summerhill City Market – shops and restaurants
- I wish for: affordable apartments, Trader Joe’s, coffee shop, movie theater, Target, ice cream shop, FedEx Kinkos Center, walkable dining areas.
- Retail, no fast food, grocery store, healthy restaurant. No parking lots, no liquor stores
- A candy store
- to make sure there is development that expands the City’s tax base to support all the new infrastructure necessary for redeveloping the area
- I wish the planning team would focus on creating a community that offers families with services like stores, places to eat and play so we don’t have to drive to other communities
- Development that can actually be funded and will occur sooner rather than later
- Shopping / small business (Atlanta station type)
- Walk to: bowling alley, movie theaters, grocery store, or at least a Target
- New yoga studio, wine market, etc. going in Ornand and Grant? (Pellerin Properties Developers)
- Restaurants, bars, movie theater, gym (LA Fitness type), live performance spaces
- We need a locally owned nursery
- A locally owned barbershop / beauty salon
- Retail development using containers frame + free wifi
- A bank
- Bank

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Rick Laupus
Jason Brown
Mika Smith-Brown
Jeff Wooten
John DesJardins
Susan Brinkley
Kate McArdle
Scott Dogali
Janean Lewis
Regina Johnson
Elsie Lee Sullivan


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City of Atlanta Planning

To everyone who has participated on this project, the LCI Draft Plan is available now here: www.stadiumneighborhoodslci.or...

Please share your comments by August 31st to Thank you again for your participation in this community-centered process!

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Posted Jul 25, 2016
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City of Atlanta Planning

The City of Atlanta Department of Planning and Community Development, in partnership with Invest Atlanta, the Atlanta Fulton County Recreation Authority and Perkins+Will, shared the latest design concepts and plan recommendations for the Turner Field Stadium Neighborhoods Livable Centers Initiative (LCI) at the Atlanta Streets Alive event on Sunday, April 17 from 2 - 6 p.m.

“We have a unique opportunity to develop a shared vision for the Turner Field Stadium neighborhoods and I want to ensure that all residents’ voices are heard throughout the entire planning process,” said Mayor Reed. “The new route for Atlanta Streets Alive, down Georgia Avenue from Grant Park to the West End, crosses through the heart of the LCI study area and presents a terrific opportunity for public engagement.”

See the concepts here:

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Posted May 8, 2016
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