Kevin Hsu
What I love about our town already, and musings about how it can continue to be enlivened:

Balancing modernity and history: a forward-looking neighborhood with a sense of connection to the past. Environmental sustainability: a place where prioritizing the environment is second-nature and where we care for the natural world around us. Public engagement: our parks and recreational spaces are open to imagination by all, for all, and filled with music, dance, and song.

Classes I've taught at Stanford, in cooperation with a merry band of urban thinkers:
- Parks, Plazas, Public Spaces: Design for Communities at Play
- Prototyping SF (
- Human City: Design for People
- International Urbanization (
- Everyday Social Good

Bullis Purissima elementary school taught us the spirit of outdoor adventure and exploratory learning. From sandbox mining and bush battles to sour grass harvesting and fort wars, it will always have a special place in my heart.   

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