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I understand that it doesn't work in many of the existing implementation across the world. But if you really understand why it doesn't work you could fix it. For instance Bruce Scheiner ( points out that most of the implements don't work because people don't review it until after the crime.

If its a case of not having enough police officers to watch - why not crowdsource the monitoring of it? There are a bunch of community watch organizations through Bernal. Why not make the camera streams public for all to view and give viewers the ability to alert police to a crime in progress. My neighbors are nosy enough without cameras so I'm sure they'd be excited to do it publicly.

Its just a thought. I do agree that cameras alone don't prevent the problem. But I refuse to accept the failed implementations of other cities as a verdict on their potential effectiveness.


CCTV doesn't keep us safe, yet the cameras are everywhere

Bruce Schneier: It's comforting to imagine vigilant police monitoring every camera, but the truth is very different

Posted Dec 11, 2012
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Peter C

There has been a bunch of stolen cars recently and I think it would be useful tool to discourage random non violent crime like that. Also a home nearby burnt down because it was a hash lab and I figured if criminals knew people were watching they'd be less likely to come around.

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Posted Dec 11, 2012
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