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Tim McCormick

Hi Chelsea, I'm very interested in this, and have been exploring many related projects/models. Recently I went to a 2-day tiny-house building workshop with Jay Shafer of Four Lights Tiny Houses (formerly of Tumbleweed Tiny House). I'm also following his and other village projects, and with my own projects @Houslets and @ProtoHouseSF exploring new design methods such as steel-frame, modular, and swappable-panel walls.
Hope I can help and connect with you on this.
best, Tim.

Posted Jan 27, 2015
Jan 27, 2015

Chelsea/Tim - if you both "follow" each other, you can privately message as well.

Posted by Dan on Jan 27, 2015
Chelsea Rustrum
Chelsea Rustrum
Mar 25, 2015
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Tim McCormick

SF Examiner on Proto-House:

"McCormick’s idea is houselets, or modular, redeployable, cost-effective houses that could circumvent San Francisco’s notorious red tape known to stall residential development projects for years.

“What I’m trying to do is say there’s room to think about alternatives for housing — how to build them, live in them, finance them,” McCormick said. “Can we widen the conversation here and look at concrete alternatives in a fun and exploratory way?”



One solution to SF’s housing crisis: microhomes

As more and more people move to San Francisco hoping to snag a shrinking number of homes, a self-described Bay Area nomad says he has...


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Posted Jan 23, 2015
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