5600 N. Ridge Building Owner

What would make Edgewater a better neighborhood?

Hello and thanks for taking the time to tell us your thoughts.

5600 N. Ridge has recently been acquired and the new owner wants to hear from people who live and/or work in the neighborhood about what stores, businesses and organizations they would like to see in the area.

The building is zoned B1-2 which, as described in the Chicago Zoning Ordinance, is a Neighborhood Shopping District. Essentially the building can accommodate the types of uses currently seen along Bryn Mawr and Clark Street.

Your imagination is greatly welcomed. Don't forget there is a second floor as well as the ground floor storefronts.
Building Manager:

Aggie Jaworski
Realty & Mortgage
1509 W. Berwyn Ave, Suite 200
Chicago, IL 60640

tel: 773.989.8000


We were made aware yesterday that, over the weekend, El Norte Restaurant suddenly ceased operations and moved out. Based on the information we currently have, this was due to financial reasons. As far as we know, there are no current plans for them to relocate.

We will update on the future of this space as more information becomes available.

Participants (487)

Werner Landman
David St Michael
Scott Knitter
John Landeroz
Gabriela Naveda
Gina DeConti
Ashley H
Rick Aiello
Rose Andrade
Kindy Kruller
Belia Rodriguez
Sean Rush


5600 N. Ridge

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