Shake Anderson

Iam an artist and promoter,iave observed the music industry sales decline since the credit collapse of 08' and the nessary changes the industry is continually going through to adjust to online avialablity of music an information in general.Iave also a promoter see indie hip hop rise for local to regional fame through a solid marketing plan an heavy promotion.Using the mixtape platform to build a fanbase by giving music away to consentrate on shows,branding & merchandising.

The app i oppose would combine to crucial elements in todays voilatile entertainment industry.A platform to deliver music to fans and location of the downloads if a potential support chioces to download your song of mixtape/album.If artist/promoters had both of this services in one app then it would increase the possiblity of successful shows.Say a indie has 100,000 downloads as a promoter i would be impressed,however it doesnt mean they will sell out or draw a crowd of 100 people if all their supporter are in NYC.

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Posted Aug 28, 2013
Tom K.
Tom K.
Aug 28, 2013

Cool idea. Thanks for adding it, Shake.

Posted by Tom K. on Aug 28, 2013
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