East Bay Bike Coalition

Measure BB is a better version of 2012’s Measure B1, and retains a 4-fold increase in bike/ped funding in every city and unincorporated area of the County. Measure BB will build a connected network of safe and comfortable bikeways in your town, allowing you to ride safely and comfortably from your home to work, to school, to shopping centers and other important destinations, without worrying about cars. We like to think the BB’s are for ‘Better Bicycling’ but they also are for ‘Better BART,’ ‘Better Buses,’ ‘Better Boots’—walking, you get the idea. Our Yes on BB campaign is in high gear and we need your help to get out the vote.

We are seeking volunteers to help with phone-banking, outreach, and materials distribution. Sign up Today: bikeeastbay.org/YesOnBB

Posted Sep 28, 2014
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