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We are thrilled with the City’s latest effort to address the housing crisis. This decision is a 180-degree turnaround from a 2012 decision to not allow new housing in the very same area. That 2012 decision was made even though Greenbelt Alliance, Google, and the Mountain View Coalition for Sustainable Planning argued that a mixed-use neighborhood in North Bayshore would be a model for environmentally-friendly growth.


New Housing to Sprout up in Mountain View | Greenbelt Alliance

Back in November, the Mountain View City Council voted to maximize new housing in the city’s North Bayshore area, allowing up to 9,100 new homes in a vibrant, mixed-use neighborhood in this key regional job center around Google’s campus. But the seeds for these new homes were planted long ago.

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Posted Jan 9, 2016
Jan 9, 2016

Better add some more housing for middle income and lower income people or else will have no diversity or workers in lower paying service jobs.Unless you just want all high tech and robots to do all the work

Posted by david on Jan 9, 2016
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