Greenbelt Alliance
Greenbelt Alliance
Jun 5, 2016
Greenbelt Alliance proposed this event for Public Square.

Mountain View parking, downtown access, and housing affordability
Wednesday, June 8, 2016, 6:30pm - 8:30pm
City Hall - 500 Castro St, Mountain View, California 94041

Mountain View has a vibrant, pedestrian downtown and has been experiencing a strong local economy, but it’s difficult to find downtown parking in busy periods. Drivers to downtown and to transit have been turning to neighborhood streets for plentiful, free parking. Job growth has put severe price pressure on housing. The city has been working on adding housing, including affordable housing, to deal with the affordability crisis. Parking is part of the challenge and potentially part of the solution.

What solutions can better parking management provide? Join parking expert Richard Willson to learn about potential solutions to questions and issues including:

* How can we make it more convenient to get to downtown Mountain View?
* How do different parking choices affect the prosperity of downtown business districts?
* What can be done to prevent parking spillover?
* How does parking choices help housing affordability?
* How does parking affect traffic, and how to reduce traffic?

Come, bring your neighbors and your questions and learn about potential solutions

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