Progress from the SF County Transportation Authority:

"On Friday, we announced a broad late-night bus service increase by all of our major bus operators, including Muni, AC Transit, Golden Gate Transit and SamTrans. This next step keeps our forward momentum going. Of course, the holy grail of late night transportation is 24-hour BART service. We will get there once we build a much-needed second transbay tube.

This second tube will allow BART to run 24 hours, in addition to helping us create a true regional rail network by connecting Caltrain to the Capitol Corridor and ultimately getting high speed rail over to the East Bay. Yet, for now, we are making progress one step at a time. We will continue to transform our transportation systems to reflect the reality of our residents."



Matching late-night transportation with our late-night reality

San Francisco and the Bay Area run 24 hours a day. We are not a 9-to-5 community. We have a robust nighttime economy — in San Francisco, contributing more than …


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Posted Aug 8, 2016
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