San Francisco Beautiful

Our mostly funky, aged coaches are rarely pleasing to the eye, but starting today the winning works from the 2017 San Francisco Beautiful competition will inject a touch more culture and tranquility into your daily commute.


Muni rolls out new local art on buses

When your bus finally gets here, at least it will be culturally enriching, as 100 Muni coaches bear the works of five local artists starting today. Meanwhile, gears are already turning to get next year’s works.

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Posted Jan 22, 2017
Made it happen
Rebecca Polack
Rebecca Polack
Jan 22, 2017

I LOVE the new art on the muni busses!! It adds so much life and color to an otherwise uneventful commute! I LOVE to look up and see bright images made by local artists! It's great, thank you so much!!

Posted by Rebecca Polack on Jan 22, 2017
Jan 23, 2017

I love the idea of bringing more local art in public space ... what if we expanded this program in the Muni stations?!

Posted by Dan on Jan 23, 2017
Natalie Coblentz
Natalie Coblentz
Jan 24, 2017

Art is SO IMPORTANT! Thank you for this. Much needed! Inspiring.

Posted by Natalie Coblentz on Jan 24, 2017