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Thanks for the idea! To help aid the discussion, we wanted to share some information about the City's policies and current services. Whether it is simply more funding for current services or a brand new service, detailed ideas and discussion help our committee and elected officials know what you would like to see in our City. Thanks again for participating!

Posted Jul 12, 2017
Annalisa Alvrus
Annalisa Alvrus
Sep 12, 2017

Here's a suggestion: Eliminate Mesa Animal Control. We are one of the only cities in Maricopa Co that still has an AC office. Use the money elsewhere, including for a Historic Preservation officer based in the Neighborhood Outreach department. (Having a HPO would help Mesa with revamping some of its older neighborhoods, including assisting property owners in bettering their houses, seeking historic designation, and getting the tax break that comes with a historic designation.) The Mesa AC is not competent to correctly and forensically investigate animal cruelty (one of the tasks assigned to them), resulting in several complaints against the office in the last several years. The Mesa PD should be investigating those crimes, especially considering the fact that animal cruelty is often associated with other crimes and social issues. Other Valley cities contract out their former AC jobs to the AZ Humane Society. Mesa should do so as well. The Humane Soc. works with police agencies to correctly perform cruelty investigations. Mesa AC does not do proper/competent investigations of cruelty against feral cats and appears to be still operating under the old model of feral cats as vermin. This attitude presents a barrier to those trying to perform TNR. Mesa should partner with the Animal Defense League of AZ to put money into a type of escrow account so that Mesa residents that can't afford it can get feral cats in their neighborhoods fixed. This was done recently in Tempe.

Posted by Annalisa Alvrus on Sep 12, 2017
Ja Koe
Ja Koe
Sep 17, 2017

I agree, Annalisa! The City of Tempe is actually doing something about the problem. The City of Mesa does nothing!

Posted by Ja Koe on Sep 17, 2017
Sep 19, 2017

It's not surprising that there is a feral problem. You find a stray & if you try to turn it in they want to charge you a surrender fee or you call 50 different organizations to take it & they all say that they're full.

Posted by Valerie on Sep 19, 2017
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