City of Mesa, AZ

Thanks for the idea! To help aid the discussion, we wanted to share some information about the City's policies and current services. Whether it is simply more funding for current services or a brand new service, detailed ideas and discussion help our committee and elected officials know what you would like to see in our City. Thanks again for participating!

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Posted Jul 12, 2017
Sep 19, 2017

It's not surprising that there is a feral problem. You find a stray & if you try to turn it in they want to charge you a surrender fee or you call 50 different organizations to take it & they all say that they're full.

Posted by Valerie on Sep 19, 2017
David Land
David Land
Oct 4, 2017

I would also like to see the city do something about the people that bring all the cat food and just dump it in alleys and leave a big mess. We have that problem where I work and many times that debris winds up on our property and the cats turn any place they want to into their litter box.

Posted by David Land on Oct 4, 2017
Karen Cervantes
Karen Cervantes
Oct 13, 2017

its not fair that I as a Responsible Dog Owner Have paid for Shots and License every year i have had animals. And yet The winter visitors show up along with cats but when they leave the cats seem to be left behind. And then we are expected to deal with this crap. When My dog is outside of their yard they are on Leash. I believe its time that cats have
the same rules. Maybe the cost of Medical attention and license will deter people. if they dont want to to spay an d neuter its gets expensive to have to pay yearly. and if they are outside they must be leashed. and if not there is a ticket coming your way same as a dog running loose.

Posted by Karen Cervantes on Oct 13, 2017
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