City of Mesa, AZ

We've had so many great ideas related to this one that we've combined them to help them gain even more steam! All of the comments and "Me Too" votes have been transferred over from the following ideas:

I want more covered play areas in Mesa.
Our kids need more protection from the heat and sun. In the summer especially. They still want to be outside but cannot because we have no protection from the sun.

Jon David Jeffery:
I want shade covering for popular neighborhood kids playgrounds like alta mesa and falcon field in Mesa

I want shade at ALL playgrounds in Mesa.

I want more shade coverings at all the Mesa parks More splash pads and family friendly activities in Mesa.
Mesa is a wonderful city! I want Mesa to be a leader for parks, shade coverings, splash pads and family activities. Right now Queen Creek, Gilbert and Chandler have more to offer. There are new neighborhoods being built in Mesa and I want Mesa to be inviting to families!

Abbie Lewis:
I want more fun splash pads in Mesa.
Mesa is in need of splash pads. Especially in the established areas, not just the outskirts. I would love to see a really great splash area like Thunder Junction Park in St George Utah, and not just a glorified concrete fountain. We would also really benefit from small park splash pads that are designed for the neighborhood, and not as a destination - similar to some of the parks in Tempe.

Lauren DeLaix Cluff:
I want More splash pads! They are perfect for hot weather and little kids in Mesa.
This is not a new idea so I am sure I don't need to describe it. I think that splash pads at the local parks are the perfect thing to entertain families, especially in the heat when the parks are used less.

I want a splash pad at Countryside Park in Mesa.

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Posted Jul 27, 2017
Elvira De los Santos
Elvira De los Santos
Aug 23, 2017

Quiero eventos sociales familiares donde haya actos folclóricos, danzas, bailables regionales, comidas típicas, Mariachi donde la comunidad Hispana y Americana se divierta y participe y al mismo tiempo conoscan nuestra cultura y raizes

Posted by Elvira De los Santos on Aug 23, 2017
Sep 15, 2017

Mesa needs to pay greater attention to its parks where families can gather on weekends. We need to emulate chandler's great park and recreation program and development.

Posted by Lupe on Sep 15, 2017
Steve Heppe
Steve Heppe
Oct 29, 2017

Not emulate... beat their pants off!!! :)

Posted by Steve Heppe on Oct 29, 2017
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