More indoor play areas like at Fiesta Mall...I know they are planning on retrofitting Fiesta Mall with offices, etc. but please leave the kids area and it would be great to expand it to a larger space.

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Posted Aug 9, 2017
Annalisa Alvrus
Annalisa Alvrus
Sep 12, 2017

Agreed. There is lots of room at Fiesta Mall and it would be great if some of that space were used for families and kids to have a safe and indoor space to go, especially during the Summer.

Posted by Annalisa Alvrus on Sep 12, 2017
Sue Hardy
Sue Hardy
Sep 20, 2017

The idea of using indoor mall space or other space that had been left "abandoned" by corporations is a great idea. Sports facilities could delete developed for indoor sports courts. This would definitely have to accommodate Pickleball courts for practice and possibly league play!!!

Posted by Sue Hardy on Sep 20, 2017
Cuphead & Mugman
Cuphead & Mugman
Nov 1, 2017

we can actually make use of this mall since they're closing

Posted by Cuphead & Mugman on Nov 1, 2017
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