City of Mesa, AZ

We've combined one more idea related to this thread.

I want the youth to have free access to public transportation in Mesa.
Mesa is a family-friendly city. Often, the cost of transit limits how and when families can take trips together. By providing free transit to youth under 17 years of age, the city will be encouraging many opportunities for children and families to enrich their lives. This initiative supports school attendance, trips to free cultural events and museums, as well as, the many parks, pools, and recreation facilities, which are world-class. This effort will foster and train our children to use this sustainable transportation mode before they are adults. Affordability is a major issue facing large cities across America and transportation is a major cost element often lost to the detriment of kids. Please support a city that values it children and gives them free access to the many opportunities afforded in Mesa, Arizona.

Posted Aug 9, 2017
Frank N Leyvas
Frank N Leyvas
Aug 10, 2017

Having this flexibility as you describe for families to travel more can be a positive way of attraction for our City. However, I'm not entirely sure how many seats are usually filled throughout the day by re occurring passengers. Having a sudden surge of young passengers may disrupt a few things for those that depend on it daily. If this could possible become an issue, then a simple solution would be having more buses on transit. But in turn would cost more financially if more buses are needed and new drivers are to be hired. Just brainstorming possible scenarios of this action. I love the idea though!

Posted by Frank N Leyvas on Aug 10, 2017
Aug 17, 2017

I am interested in this idea, however I don't think free is the way to go. Discounted would be more feasible, especially related to Frank's comment, above.
I volunteered for six years at a community center in Chandler, as well as at the library earlier this year, and I have seen firsthand how a few bad eggs (teens/children) could spoil something for everyone. I see this good idea turning into something negative. Sure, some would use it for good (school events, parks and rec. etc.) but I foresee many issues with this idea.

Posted by Jennifer on Aug 17, 2017
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