J & N

We're an older and wiser middle aged couple, who's married but not buried. Kids are grown away from home love SF and on our own.
Creative not sedative and still rock and roll with spine and soul.
Looking for like minded folks that are open minded, want intentionally made communities.
We're personable, fun, good crazy at times. He's in the A n E industry, she's an amazing Equestrian trainer who runs a farm and schools people and animals a half hour away from the city.
We both have worked decades together in promo, venues, artist talent buys and full shows. Think we can help somehow. We have a plethora of experience,real networks, can get local bands to multi platinum acts of today's tunes. Maybe a crowd sourcing event is in order, need to brainstorm with you creative folks who want to join and share the movement with us ?
Let's talk
Keep in touch if you want. Thanks and good luck to all of you.

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Posted Aug 14, 2017
R Mark
R Mark
Aug 15, 2017

Hi! I live in Canada but have been wanting to move to the SF area for the last 6 or 7 years. But affordability.... I would be interested in a tiny house community in the area. I was part of the community here in Edmonton but unfortunately the movement has faded due to discouragement about legalizing it in the city. But I would be happy to help somehow and be interested in the prospect of living their. I work in the architecture industry. Not an architect but I'm passionate about creating healthy, beautiful communities.

Posted by R Mark on Aug 15, 2017
Reda Carr
Reda Carr
Aug 16, 2017

Hi! Im very happy to meet you! We are looking for friends and a Tiny Village to call home. My wife Darcy and I are caring for our niece this year while renting in Redwood City, but are going on the lookout for what to buy. Moving from Kansas our budget is low for San Francisco, but we would actually prefer a micro-village anyway for many reasons. My wife is a Nurse Practitioner and I am an Public Artist/musician with aesthetic construction and urban planning experience. We are very fond of our 2 small dogs, peace ,love and our fun. I have been corresponding with bay area tiny village for over a year as an enthusiast and helper in planning a village. Spots of land are hard to come by though. They may be of interest to you. If your interested in meeting, let Darcy and I know! We could meet for dinner or a coffee. Im on Face Book as Reda Carr. you can Instant message me from there for contact info.

Posted by Reda Carr on Aug 16, 2017
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