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Hi all. Things happen and or lose steam when it's all no action. We have to come together. Maybe a Meetup discussion group, network to ALL of the real people who aren't just dipping their toes in the water. ?
Key word being intent.. if no one else is serious then this Utopian project won't have a chance.
Will share originally from the East coast and fell into some major real estate deals on chance.
Lived in many states from Country estate farms in Kentucky to buying and selling in the middle of Manhattan to South FL, mid Atlantic region too.
Real estate is ridiculously high here as we all know.
I am totally cool with a pad in the city, kinda feel we'd all have a great deal more freedom,less zoning probs,taxes,blow back from the local government bodies and perhaps more room to breathe finding at least a semi suburban parcel imo?
RV parks are starting to allow tiny houses, etc but IF we all wanted to live in a standard mobile home park? I'm sure we'd all be in a trailer park right now ? lol
We're even willing to check out other options as long as it makes sense. I am going to go out on a limb here and say, a meeting / meetup for breaking bread and ideas is a great place to start for each of us ? Thoughts ?

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Posted Aug 14, 2017
Reda Carr
Reda Carr
Aug 16, 2017

I would like to meet up. I agree! Is there a secure way to include contact info or maybe we could post a place and time to meet and talk about a plan?

Posted by Reda Carr on Aug 16, 2017
J & N
J & N
Aug 17, 2017

Hi All !
Thanks for the intros, updates, mails, et al. over the last few days, so nice to hear from each of you !

Well, first things first, definitely need a neutral meeting point so those who are interested, don't have to travel too much for any one who's going.

*** Note*** to the folks and planners of the communities who started all of these great ideas, I by no means want nor am I trying to take away your credit, ideas or plans whatsoever. Give credit where it's due, and without y'all, none of this would be happening, at least not so expeditiously.
Been lurking on the side lines for several years and just don't seem to see anything coming to fruition.
Please don't take it personally, I just find from sage experience, no actions equals zero action.
Not only that,you movers and shakers need to encompass yourselves with a circle of can do teams. Not just the want tos ;)
I chimed in because none of us are getting any younger even if you are young ?
So with that out of the way, IF I have your blessings to be a part of this ? I'm all in.
If not, I'll plant our THOW on the farm and be done with it, no hard feelings...
We do have shore power, septic and one RV spot on site.
I'm not one who cares much to live where Family or myself works but it's not off the table as we would have privacy there too.
We jumped on board this ship because of the artistic and free thinker community you guys and gals are planning.
It's badass to say the least.
Next,in my humble opinion, forums, Social Media, sites and all are good tools to network and spread word or advertising but there's no way to screen or weed out the weeds ( whackos ) lol. Been finding most sites, urls, even builder searches in Google doesn't work or the domains are for sale.
This is also frustrating to all who are serious.

Next idea.
How about us starting a real Meetup group on Meetup.com ?
We can screen folks, schedule events, have socials etc. within the site as a one stop shop ?
Then can host various meetings in various locations throughout

Posted by J & N on Aug 17, 2017
J & N
J & N
Aug 17, 2017

* looking forward to hearing and seeing this project blossom.
Best J & N

Posted by J & N on Aug 17, 2017
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