randi hayes

My daughter in Phoenix has this in her neighborhood, and you never see large bulky items dumped in the alleys. It would be nice to have this service in Mesa on a monthly or, at the very least, a quarterly basis. It would help to keep our city cleaner.

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Posted Aug 15, 2017
Stefanie Padilla
Stefanie Padilla
Sep 13, 2017

I agree, you have to go thru a lot just to get a clean sweep bin in your neighborhood. And that is only every once in a while. I live in an area with 1 plus acre lots, we have a lot of trees and maintenance and debris associated with them. Since changing the burn laws we can't fit even a tiny amount of that into a green bin that is picked up weekly. So it piles up and looks unsitely and messy

Posted by Stefanie Padilla on Sep 13, 2017
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