"Since Hurricane Katrina in 2005, there have been may community discussions debating the viability of removing the overpass, as cities such as San Francisco, Boston and Portland have done. Ultimately, a cocktail of federal grant programs funded a $2.7 million 2013 Livable Claiborne Communities study conducted by Baltimore-based design firm Kittelson & Associates. The study laid out three options for revitalizing the area under the overpass that amounted to essentially: Keep it up; take it down; do something in between. After analyzing the choices, the city decided that the cost of removing the overpass or its on/off-ramps would be prohibitively expensive.

So a coalition of designers, architects, philanthropic groups and city agencies is focusing on leaving the overpass in place, and below it, developing a cultural marketplace. The vision for the Cultural Innovation District is to transform all 19 blocks beneath the elevated expressway along Claiborne Avenue with new green infrastructure, a market with food and art vendors, and exhibit and community event space."



New Orleans Community Works to Erase Freeway’s Shadow

Ousting bad 1960s choices with neighborhood entrepreneurship.


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Posted Sep 11, 2017
Christian Day
Christian Day
Sep 13, 2017

It's definitely an improvement over no change at all.

Posted by Christian Day on Sep 13, 2017
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