GOOD Ideas for New Orleans

How can we make biking in New Orleans easier and safer?

This is one of the four challenges addressed by the GOOD Ideas for New Orleans collaboration. This challenge is sponsored by Bike Easy and RIDE NOLA.

Watch the video above to see the team's project: grassroots signage that gave recognition to an under-loved but widely used bike route, dubbed the "Broad to Bayou Bikeway"

Here is the Question the team responded to:

Getting around New Orleans without an automobile is often difficult. Limited infrastructure for bicyclists, poor quality sidewalks, and infrequent transit service all contribute to this situation. Driving less is a public priority that contributes to improved health outcomes, a better environment, and even a more prosperous city. Bike Easy and Transport for NOLA both work to make biking in New Orleans easy, safe and fun. How can we help make biking in New Orleans a better option for trips around town?

Participants (360)

Candy Chang
Jeff Schwartz
tippy tippens
Tung Ly
Charlie London
Brooke Larsen
Elwood P. Dowd
Ken Faucheux
Peter Bodenheimer
Jessica Rohloff
Chris Schultz




Downtown, New Orleans, LA

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