Tenderloin and Central Market

How can we make Civic Center and UN Plaza safer, cleaner, and more vibrant?


About this Project
The City Administrator is coordinating public, private and nonprofit partners to discuss safety, cleanliness and improvement in Central Market and the Tenderloin.  Some of these ideas will be incorporated into Community Benefit Agreements with local companies.  Others will be delivered by government, nonprofit and community partners.
Who's Involved?
This work builds on ongoing efforts of the Office of Economic and Workforce Development, the Neighborhood Empowerment Network, community organizations and businesses.
An Inclusive Approach
In 2015, we hosted a meeting with over 70 key community leaders in attendance. Neighbors’ ideas and insights were also collected from written input, SMS, Twitter, and Neighborland. All of this input was aggregated here on Neighborland. Ideas were evaluated on the basis of impact, feasibility and scope. 
Need help?
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