I want
in Blacksburg.
Michael Kulikowski

I love Trader Joes and would love to see one in Blacksburg, but what would this do to Eats and Annie Kay's? I do think it's definitely a un-filled niche downtown though — Annie Kay's made a terrible decision to move all the way down South Main Street.

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Michael Kulikowski

I've heard of a number of people with a serious interest in buying the old bank at Roanoke and Main and converting into a music venue: proposals include everything from a dance club to a dueling piano bar. Apparently, the issue however, lies with the owner and the building itself. It had not been up-kept and in order to evict the last tenant the owner let it become condemned - supposedly for a structural issue. I'm unsure what would need to be done to make this building safe again, but one thing for sure is there is much interest in repurposing it.

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Suggested by Amy
Nov 9, 2012
Joe Kriz
Suggested by Joe Kriz
Nov 10, 2012
Kevin S

Cheap wine and amazing hummus, a definite yes!

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Suggested by YuYu
Nov 8, 2012