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Near Evans City, PA

Rob Doerr

Take an hour once a week and pick up the area in front of and around your home or business and make a difference! If every able-bodied person, young or old, did this each week we would not have a litter issue in McKees Rocks! It's ONE hour, and makes such a huge difference. There's no better time to start than NOW.

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Matthias Sundberg

Environmental center. Cross between Heinz History Center, The Science Center and the Phipps. Discuss the past and present of Pittsburgh and offer solutions toward a future with cleaner air, water, etc. Different stations in the space could have wildlife learning (birds of the city, flora of Western PA, etc), a greenhouse to grow..."produce"...and could include spaces for the Green Building Alliance, Venture Outdoors and Grow Pittsburgh to have outposts or headquarters. The hope could also be a push toward sustainable energy production. (full disclosure, this was my wife's idea, as she is much smarter than me but didn't have the time to type it up. :) )

Matthias Sundberg
Matthias Sundberg
Jun 26, 2015

EDIT: It would also produce its own power and recycle its water.

Posted by Matthias Sundberg on Jun 26, 2015
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I heart PGH

How about an indoor park space? A covered space that can be used for festivals, events, and farmers market year round

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