I want
in Miami.

From Streetsblog:

"Architect and avid cyclist Bernard Zyscovich has proposed such an infrastructure upgrade in Miami-Dade, Florida that would convert a killer expressway into a cycle super highway.

Rickenbacker Causeway — linking Miami to Key Biscayne — currently holds three car lanes in each direction, but Zyscovich’s plan would convert the divided highway to two lanes for automobile traffic and a landscape-buffered lane for cyclists and pedestrians. Hardwood trees and bushes that would be planted along the cycle track would increase safety by separating the various modes of transportation.

Zyscovich suggested a preliminary project using plastic poles to separate the lanes, which mimics a plan implemented on I-95. The full project proposal would cost approximately $20 to $30 million along the entire stretch of Rickenbacker Causeway, however, there is currently no official backing for the project."


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Tom K.

Awesome Victoria! Here's how you get ahold of the stickers: handbook.neighborland.com/how-...


How to order stickers

Encourage sharing ideas that matter in your neighborhood using Neighborland stickers. Each sticker is a 4.5" x 3" rounded-corner rectangle, printed on whit


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Suggested by Mary
Oct 26, 2013
By Mary
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Tom K.

Really helpful article about problems Cleveland is having implementing and executing their 'complete streets' policy:

Having good city staff — people who are committed to seeing complete streets implemented and understand why it’s important — is crucial. Or, like Charlotte, you can develop and train a working group or committee to oversee the process.

“You have a lot of people that have been around for years that are used to doing things the way they have been doing them,” Seskin said. “You have to change the problem and make them understand they’re solving for a new problem.”


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Tom K.

So what do you think needs to happen, Ryan? Is it changing the low? Thowing an event to get more people on the water?

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Tom K.

Good article about pedestrian-oriented shopping streets (POSS)

"Much of the potential for POSS to endure ongoing success depends on five strategic principles: first, they have to be readily and easily accessible from, or mixed with, high density residential areas, office buildings, and other businesses and places of work; secondly, they have to be extremely well connected to, and served by, the public transportation system; thirdly, they have to be strategically interconnected with the city's pedestrian system and bicycle routes; fourthly, they have to offer convenient bicycle parking facilities at key access points along the POSS, and/or bicycle services that allow bikers to either bike back to their original point of arrival, or between the parking facilities provided, particularly when the POSS are very long; and fifthly, they have to be planned, designed and managed on an ongoing basis for success."


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Alexandra Saba
Alexandra Saba proposed this resource for a hackerspace in Miami.

www.metaphase.co , we're incubating at the moment and planning on having our first meetup in July.



Metaphase is Miami's first D.I.Y. bio/maker/creative lab, learning, & working space. Our goal is to create a diverse think tank where the most beautiful minds can converge to create amazing things and make incredible discoveries.


Tom K.
Tom K.
Jun 20, 2013

I love your web site, Alexandra! Make sure to keep us updated on the date of the meetup. You can actually add it as a event on this idea so everyone will be notified.

Posted by Tom K. on Jun 20, 2013
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