I want
in New Orleans.
Mitch Landrieu

Thanks to all the riders and partners who came out today to launch @BlueBikesNOLA. @BikeEasy #LafitteGreenway twitter.com/MayorLandrieu/stat...

Posted Dec 12, 2017
Made it happen
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Crescent Cart LLC

Hi folks!

This Neighborland post (ahead of it's time as it was) was the inspiration behind Crescent Cart - our local Grocery Delivery Service available to residents of the greater New Orleans Area (and beyond).

Please check us out: www.crescentcart.com/

Your feedback & criticism are welcome (and encouraged) - We're new, (but growing!) and would LOVE to hear what you think! Without customers - there is no Crescent Cart; We NEVER forget this - ya'll are #1.

Since day 1 we've strived to offer you: the most competitive pricing / fastest delivery options available / absolute easiest ordering process / and a number of other features that no other online grocery delivery services offer here in NOLA.

We are JUST getting started and have exciting plans to expand set for this year (soon you'll be able to shop for products just like you would from the industry leading grocery & homegoods delivery apps like Instacart and Google Express)!

P.s. Why not give us a try? Your first delivery is FREE!

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Posted Jan 29, 2017
Christian Day
Christian Day
May 31, 2017

Your website has said it's temporarily suspended for some time now.

Posted by Christian Day on May 31, 2017
Albert Z
Albert Z
Nov 18, 2017

Yup. What a shame. I know 10 people ( just on my street) that would use a service just like this.

Posted by Albert Z on Nov 18, 2017
Christian Day
Christian Day
Dec 2, 2017

Albert, I agree. And there's just nothing like it. I would so love to just be able to pick from a list of my favorite brands and generate a grocery shopping list in minutes. It's just so frustrating that there's nothing like this here.

Posted by Christian Day on Dec 2, 2017
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Dan proposed this resource for fresh produce on St. Claude Avenue.

Good to hear that Robert's is opening on St. Claude - www.nola.com/business/index.ss...


Robert Fresh Market returning to Marigny; construction begins this week

Mayor Mitch Landrieu and Marc Robert announced the plans Wednesday (Jan. 25)


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Posted Nov 30, 2017
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I know Ikea target market range is 2 million for a metro area but South east Louisiana is rather unique in that 2.5 million people live within a 65 mile radius of New Orleans even though the NOLA meto area is 1.4 million.
800,000 Baton Rouge
250,000 Houma
200,000 Gulfport

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Posted Apr 13, 2013
Sharonsheri Hudson
Sharonsheri Hudson
Nov 27, 2017

I LOVE IKEA! I went to one in L.A. three or four times during each my 2 recent 10 day visits. I was able to get so much at such reasonable prices.

My daughter has shopped IKEA for years and furnished her apartments in L.A., NYC, N.J. & once again in L.A.

Please open in the NOLA area but, not in New Orleans East.

Open in Metairie or Kenner, L.A. you'll still get the Ms. people. I just can't go the drive to Houston.
Thank you for considering our requests.

Posted by Sharonsheri Hudson on Nov 27, 2017
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"And [Mayor-elect LaToya Cantrell] mentioned she would keep her promise to take down the city's traffic cameras" s.nola.com/iFo4JbM

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Posted Nov 21, 2017
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