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in New Orleans.
Sandy Rosenthal, Founder of Levees.org

The New York Times just broke a huge story about the flooding of New Orleans during Katrina.

The story is titled: Decade after Katrina, Pointing Finger More Firmly at Army Corps - www.nytimes.com/2015/05/24/us/...

It's a story about a brand new scientific article by famous engineering experts Ray Seed and Dave Rogers. The article actually contains a retraction of statements they made in 2006 about who is responsible for the levee breaches.

The article, accepted for publication in Water Policy (the prestigious journal of the World Water Council) backpedals on damning statements Seed and Rogers made, namely that local levee board officials used politics to force the Army Corps of Engineers to build the inferior levee system that failed ten years ago.

The tight concise paper separates the facts from the fairy tale.

According the authors, it was the Army Corps that doomed New Orleans because 1) the Corps made a tragic miscalculation on a large-scale study they did in the 1980s, and 2) the Corps believed it was congressionally mandated to build structures that cost the least.

The 14-page article is also a “one stop shop” and addresses most, if not all, of the significant issues and events relating to the cause of the flooding during Katrina. Check out the NYT story by Campbell Robertson and John Schwartz.

You can help by CLICKING here - www.nytimes.com/2015/05/24/us/.... The NYT pays close attention and will give the story more attention if you do!

This article is proof that your support is generating results.


Sandy Rosenthal
Founder, Levees.org


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"France approved a law last week that requires the roofs of new commercial buildings be covered—at least in part—by either solar panels or plants."


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Will Donaldson

"The St. Roch Market, at the corner of St. Roch and St. Claude avenues, finally returns Friday (April 10) after sitting empty for a decade. As it has since opening in 1875, the market will sell food.

There are shrimp, dried beans and lamb chops, but also kimchi, cold-pressed juice and Nigerian hot sauce. You can order a dozen raw oysters or a bowl of gumbo, but also a kale salad or Korean fried chicken."



What to eat, drink and buy at St. Roch Market

The St. Roch Market, at the corner of St. Roch and St. Claude avenues, finally returns on Friday (April 10) after sitting empty for a decade.


Candy Chang
Candy Chang
Apr 13, 2015

It's beautiful! They did a wonderful job renovating the interior and there is so much good food to choose from. The crawfish poutine from King Creole is delicious and I look forward to eating my way through over the coming weeks.

Posted by Candy Chang on Apr 13, 2015
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Sandy Rosenthal, Founder of Levees.org

Levees.org is raising funds to build an Open-air Levee Exhibition in New Orleans. We will work in partnership with the neighborhood residents of Gentilly whose homes were flooded when federally built levees failed during Katrina. The money will be used to build informative exhibits and to plant a beautiful garden at the east breach site of the London Avenue Canal.

The goal is for visitors to learn about and reflect upon the historic event which changed the lives of over a million people. The exhibit and garden will be a memorial to the trauma of the Flood, a commemoration of a pivotal moment in American history, and a symbol of the residents’ resilience and determination to return home.

Learn more: rally.org/LeveeExhibit

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Looks like it will be a Four Seasons - www.nola.com/business/index.ss...


Do you agree with choice of Four Seasons for the New Orleans World Trade Center?

The New Orleans World Trade Center could become a Four Seasons luxury hotel and residences after developers Carpenter & Co. and Woodward Interests hammer out the final details with city officials.  A selection committee picked the development team as the top choice...


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El Smith

I'm perfectly fine with smoking in bars. I don't smoke and the smell does get to me sometimes, so when that happens I move to another bar. You are perfectly capable of removing yourself from a bar that allows smoking.

And "...500 years of smokers walking all over the rights of nonsmokers", seriously? Up until maybe thirty or forty years ago the vast majority of people smoked. Get off your high horse. If you don't like a bar that allows smoking then don't go there. That's what I do and trust me, it's not super difficult.

I truly believe that smoking in bars should be left up to the owners of each specific bar. No, I don't like coming home smelling like smoke but that's why I do things like shower and wash my clothes.

Furthermore, if you're looking for fresh air do you really think an enclosed establishment such as a bar is a place to get that? Try taking a walk somewhere. There's plenty of fresh air for everyone.

Drew Ward
Drew Ward
Mar 20, 2015

The smoking ban here was actually pushed by the local musicians' union and groups. They and everyone else who have to work in bars (and no, don't try the whole they can 'choose' to work somewhere else because in our crappy economy, they can't choose and have to take what's available) can't go for a walk for fresh air, nor should they be expected to trade their health for their economic survival.

Finally expecting smokers to treat their fellow man with the same sort of respect and common courtesy they would expect of others is not being on a high horse, it's just common sense, doing what's right, and something smokers and those who defend their behaviour just don't want to acknowledge because then they'd have to admit to themselves that they've been the jackasses all these years. Instead, they push this absurd idea that the anti-smoking movement are the bad guys and that smoking bans somehow 'violate their rights'.

The way your post should have read is "if you're looking for a place to smoke, do you really think an enclosed establishment such as a bar is a place to get that? Try taking a walk somewhere away from other people so they don't have to deal with the effects of your bad habit. Then you could still choose to smoke and there'd plenty of fresh air for everyone else."

Posted by Drew Ward on Mar 20, 2015
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