I want
in New Orleans.

The Southern Rail Commission has posted their briefing on what it would take to make this happen here: www.southernrailcommission.org...

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Suggested by Jen
Oct 25, 2012

Barkey Park is now open at the Nola Bark Market - nolabarkmarket.com/barkmarket/...

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New Orleans Boulder Lounge is open! www.climbnobl.com/

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Sandy Rosenthal, Founder of Levees.org

New details continue to emerge about why New Orleans flooded so horrifically during Hurricane Katrina. A carefully researched story by Pulitzer prize winner Mark Schleifstein describes how immediately after the flooding event, independent levee investigators were told incorrect information by "various members of the corps New Orleans district."


For example, Drs. Raymond Seed and J. David Rogers–the lead investigators for a study funded by the National Science Foundation–were told that the design of the 17th Street and London Avenue Canals was "forced" on the Army Corps of Engineers against their will. This and other wrong information caused the investigators to conclude that the Orleans Levee Board was partly to blame for the collapse of the canal walls during Katrina.

A new article published last Thursday in Water Policy (the official journal of the World Water Council) contains a retraction of those wrong conclusions. The tight concise paper separates the facts from the fairy tale. Drs. Seed, Rogers and others now say it was the the Army Corps of Engineers that doomed New Orleans because the corps had made a tragic miscalculation on a large-scale study they did in the 1980s.

"The corps misinterpreted the study's findings, concluding that sheet piling that extended deeper would not significantly increase the stability of the I-walls under the short-term loading conditions during a hurricane, meaning the amount of time high water would be on the wall would likely only be a few hours."

The paper also reconfirms that responsibility for the infamous annual “drive by levee inspections” belonged solely to the corps, and at the end of the day were irrelevant anyway.

This article is further proof that your support is generating results.


Sandy Rosenthal
Founder, Levees.org


Study: Corps decisions, not Orleans Levee Board, doomed canal walls in Katrina

The Army Corps of Engineers had recommended either raising floodwalls and building gates at the mouths of New Orleans drainage canals as equally protective storm surge defenses, and recommended the gates because they would be less expensive to the federal government, the study concludes.


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Lina Alfieri Stern

Look into the IDIYA on Broad Street. They work with lots of media, including wood and have laser printers etc, that could help certain projects.

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