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in Oakland.
How can we make Market Street a more connected and vibrant place?

The goal of the Prototyping Festival is to unite diverse neighborhoods along Market Street, encouraging these vibrant communities to work with designers, artist and makers to build a more connected, beautiful San Francisco.

Jon Axtell
Suggested by Jon Axtell
May 12, 2015
Tom K.

A 'throw your own block party' kit would be interesting: steps on how to get permitting, best way to organize neighbors, find the right activities, etc.

Jon Axtell
Jon Axtell
Apr 17, 2015

That's a great idea, Tom. It's really hard to figure out what permits you need from the city's website. There's all these details about liability insurance, etc. Makes it seem like a daunting endeavor to just have an activity that brings everyone together.

We're thinking about just having it be in people's front yards so that we don't have to deal with street closures, etc.

Posted by Jon Axtell on Apr 17, 2015
Anne C.
Anne C.
Jun 30, 2015

We close our block one afternoon a summer for the Bayo Street Games (relays, obstacle course, horseshoes, potluck, etc.). If you don't have a bouncy house or loud music, permits are pretty straightforward and not too pricey ($35?). Just need to get sigs from all houses on block that will be closed. I rec going for it b/c the kids LOVE being able to roam the street and ride their bikes around with no cars. Happy to answer any qs/provide more details re permits!

Posted by Anne C. on Jun 30, 2015
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Karuna Schweig

We'll bbq in our front yard, ribs and tempeh, yeah!

Jon Axtell
Jon Axtell
Apr 15, 2015

Omnivores and Herbivores unite!

Posted by Jon Axtell on Apr 15, 2015
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