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in San Francisco.
San Francisco Beautiful
A project by Muni Art
What public art would you like to see on Muni?

SF Beautiful invited local artists to create original artwork to be digitally reproduced for display within 50 Muni Art buses in San Francisco this fall (2015). Artists who are selected as finalists were encouraged to develop designs that are evocative of “The Spirit of San Francisco."

San Francisco A project by Muni Art
How can we make Market Street a more connected and vibrant place?

The goal of the Prototyping Festival is to unite diverse neighborhoods along Market Street, encouraging these vibrant communities to work with designers, artist and makers to build a more connected, beautiful San Francisco.

Mike Addario

You can help by attending street artists meetings. They only happen 4 times
a year. Lazar regularly lies and you can catch him in the act. He performs
for Comissioners who think he is an idiot and do not want to serve on the
committee. You can watch the Clarks make a fool out of him and watch John Tunui slander people he doesn't know.

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Mike Addario

The SFAC is a corrupt enity with no real leadership or internal controls.
Take Howard Lazar for example ( ease take him away). He has been mismanaging
the street artist program for 44 years. Not only has he been stealing g money and
billing us for time he has not been at the office, he has another job as a janitor
at the South End Rowing Club. He has made a career out of not telling us what
he has been doing with our money and sped it countless hours with the city attorney
Devising schemes as how not to tell us anything. Real petty little janitor. As him
a question and watch his neck stick out.

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David Anderson

First, you need a business that is supported by the breadth of workers in the independent economy. As with most social services, very difficult to create a "business" in absentia. That's why social services don't pay much in the dollar economy...

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Luke Spray

Herb Caen's Giant Interactive Typewriter

We built a large interactive replica of Herb Caen's Loyal Royal typewriter that also serves as a small urban amphitheater. The keys also doubled a...


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Team Over Zero

Ember (Interactive Virtual Campfire)

Ember is an interactive installation, which explores community through a campfire-like circle of wooden seats that generate music from a visitor’s pre...


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