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in San Francisco.

Sup. Scott Weiner breaks it down:

"As we reform our broken tree policy, we need to ensure that we do so in a sustainable way that actually gets the job done. If we fail to create a long-term, secure, dedicated, sustainable funding source, we will do nothing more than perpetuate the dysfunction that has gotten us to this point, with a sick and declining urban forest. Trees never have and never will compete well in the budget process against the critically important needs of kids, seniors, homeless people, police staffing, affordable housing, and transit. That was true forty years ago, it’s true today, and it will be true in the future."


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Project Homeless Connect

Dear PHC Family,

This Thanksgiving, PHC is grateful for many things, but we are most grateful for the community of volunteers, donors, and partners that make our work possible. With your support we have connected over 5,000 homeless and at-risk San Franciscans with vital resources this year! We are thankful for the success we have achieved by working together.

The weeks ahead are filled with opportunities to celebrate old traditions and build new ones. While shopping after Thanksgiving has long been a tradition, this year we ask that you start a new tradition by dedicating a portion of your Cyber Monday shopping to PHC. Please visit our new Amazon Wish List and purchase an item to give warmth and security to our residents in need.


With gratitude,

Kara & The PHC Team

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Love this temporary project from Burlington, VT from Street Plans - vimeo.com/141742809

Two Days in September

From September 11-13th, the Department of Public Works, Local Motion, and the PlanBTV Walk Bike team worked with dozens of volunteers to create a series of pop-up…


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Couldn't agree more about this one ... simmering on it.

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