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in San Francisco.
How can we make Market Street a more connected and vibrant place?

The goal of the Prototyping Festival is to unite diverse neighborhoods along Market Street, encouraging these vibrant communities to work with designers, artist and makers to build a more connected, beautiful San Francisco.

Tom K.

I thought some folks here might appreciate this story about a tiny house built for a goat farm in rural Omaha:


May 4, 2015

Tiny house + AirBNB + goat trifecta!

Posted by Dan on May 4, 2015
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Tom K.

Definitely not "late night" but I was encouraged to see that The Market Cafe in the Twitter Building is open until 10:00pm. For the Civic Center/Mid Market neighborhood which shuts downs after dark-- that's not bad!


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Wow. What an amazing week! Definitely our best NOW! festival ever.

Huge thanks to everyone who made it happen - from the organizing team who put in months of work to anyone who hosted an event or donated headsets or clothes or designed fliers and posters to anyone who took some time out of their ordinary week to come participate in something extraordinary.

We'll be back again in the fall. We hope you'll join us. In the meantime, take a stroll through our amazing week here:


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Hi Emily - Really like this idea of Ghost Arroyos, I am thinking of screening the film about urban rivers called Lost Rivers at the SF Urban Film Fest in Nov 2015. Maybe there is a possible way to present your work with the film screening? Not sure how to private message you on this forum but at Twitter I am at @sfurbanfilmfest. Thanks!

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Check out Friends of the Urban Forest for more information on how street trees work in SF - www.fuf.net/


Friends of the Urban Forest

Greening San Francisco


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