GET /api/v1/topics/:id/ideas
GET /api/v1/topics/:id/ideas    List ideas in the topic with the given id.

An optional "filter" parameter controls the order of the ideas. It may be "new" or "popular". The default filter is "new".
Ideas are returned in paged chunks. Two optional parameters control paging: "page" and "per page" (see below). The default "page" value is 1. The default "per_page" value is 10.


The order applied to the ideas. Values:
"new": order by created_at (default)
"popular": order by most support
The number of the page. Default is 1. Must be between 1 and 10000.
The number of ideas returned per page. Default is 10. Must be between 1 and 500.

curl Examples

curl https://neighborland.com/api/v1/topics/art/ideas 
curl https://neighborland.com/api/v1/topics/art/ideas?filter=popular
curl https://neighborland.com/api/v1/topics/art/ideas?page=2&per_page=2
curl https://neighborland.com/api/v1/topics/art/ideas?filter=popular&page=2&per_page=2

Example Response

    "id": "nola-st-claude-more-live-theater-and-ind",
    "url": "https://neighborland.com/api/v1/ideas/nola-st-claude-more-live-theater-and-ind",
    "alternate_url": "https://neighborland.com/ideas/nola-st-claude-more-live-theater-and-ind",
    "created_at": "2012-03-18 22:12:00 -0600",
    "i_want_text": "I want more live theater and independent film screenings on St. Claude Avenue",
    "latitude": 29.9648338,
    "longitude": -90.0313877,
    "name": "more live theater and independent film screenings",
    "past_month_support_count": 0,
    "support_count": 17,
    "neighbor": {
      "id": "robertfordebrennan",
      "url": "https://neighborland.com/api/v1/neighbors/robertfordebrennan",
      "alternate_url": "https://neighborland.com/neighbors/robertfordebrennan",
      "name": "Robby Brennan",
      "username": "robertfordebrennan",
      "avatar_thumb_url": "https://d3hab8wm9tteb6.cloudfront.net/static/avatars/avatar_medium_2.png",
      "avatar_medium_url": "https://d3hab8wm9tteb6.cloudfront.net/static/avatars/avatar_medium_2.png"
    "city": {
      "id": "nola",
      "url": "https://neighborland.com/api/v1/cities/nola",
      "alternate_url": "https://neighborland.com/cities/nola",
      "name": "New Orleans",
      "state": "LA"
    "neighborhood": {
      "id": "nola-st-claude",
      "url": "https://neighborland.com/api/v1/neighborhoods/nola-st-claude",
      "alternate_url": "https://neighborland.com/neighborhoods/nola-st-claude",
      "name": "St. Claude"
    "question": {
      "id": "142",
      "url": "https://neighborland.com/api/v1/questions/142",
      "alternate_url": "https://neighborland.com/stclaude/about",
      "latitude": 29.9648338,
      "longitude": -90.0313877,
      "name": "St. Claude Avenue",
      "address": "St. Claude Avenue and Poland Avenue",
      "question_text": "How can we make St. Claude Avenue a better place?"