GET /api/v1/cities/:id/questions
GET /api/v1/cities/:id/questions    List all the questions in the city with the given id.

Return an array of questions for the given city id, ordered by question title.

curl Examples

curl https://neighborland.com/api/v1/cities/bldr/questions

Example Response

    "id": "142",
    "url": "https://neighborland.com/api/v1/questions/142",
    "alternate_url": "https://neighborland.com/stclaude/about",
    "latitude": 29.9648338,
    "longitude": -90.0313877,
    "name": "St. Claude Avenue",
    "address": "St. Claude Avenue and Poland Avenue",
    "question_text": "How can we make St. Claude Avenue a better place?"