You can embed Neighborland content on your own site using a few lines of javascript. To build your custom embed code, select the options you want in the builder and both the code and preview below will update.

Copy and paste the following script onto your web page:

<script src="https://neighborland.com/static/nl_embed.js"></script>

…and add an empty element with DOM ID "nl_embed" where you want to display the widget:

<div class="nl_embed"></div>

The code for the widget on this page is open source: https://github.com/neighborland/embed.

Embed Code Builder

The default width is 330px. If you need a narrower or wider widget, enter a number here for the widget’s total width (in pixels) and click “Set Width”.

The widget will show up to 5 ideas by default. If you want to show more (or less) ideas, enter a number here and click “Set Limit”.