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Harvey Milk Plaza lies in the heart of the Castro neighborhood at the intersection of Castro and Market Streets. In 1985, the plaza was dedicated as a place to honor Harvey Milk. While these initial efforts were well intentioned, today, the space falls short of being an inspiration for hope, change and equality.  

In the spring of 2017, the Friends of Harvey Milk Plaza, in collaboration with SF MTA’s accessibility and elevator improvement project, launched a design competition to reimagine Harvey Milk Plaza as a redesigned public gathering space that truly honors Harvey Milk and the LGBT civil rights movement.

We envision a place that is infused with Harvey’s spirit of possibility and hope; a place where visitors can learn about Harvey, become inspired by him and his legacy, and then leave empowered to create change in their own communities. The new Harvey Milk Plaza will speak to, and work on behalf of, the worldwide LGBT community and all people who struggle for equality. It will be an “engine of inspiration” that will continue Harvey’s legacy of instilling hope and activating those willing to fight for change. 

The competition asked design teams to reimagine Harvey Milk Plaza into a public gathering space that truly honors Harvey Milk in a way which:

  1. Inspires generations of visitors to come to the Castro, learn about Harvey Milk and be inspired by his vision of hope and civil rights. 
  2. Allows for public gathering for protests and celebrations. 
  3. Is a high-quality design with an interpretive element that transforms Harvey Milk Plaza into a truly unique and important San Francisco destination.
  4. Is a well-functioning urban transit center.
  5. Takes into account the new MTA elevator and MTA’s accessibility project.

How to participate
The three finalists are listed below.  Please view and comment on all three proposals by tapping on each proposal. Your feedback will be considered in the selection of the winner. This survey closes at 11:59 p.m. PT on Thursday 9/21/17.

Give feedback on the proposals

Support us
Fundraising is under way for the capital project.  The Center for Art and Design is a 501(c)3 charitable organization and is serving as the fiscal sponsor for the project during the design competition phase.  Donate here: http://www.friendsofharveymilkplaza.org/donate

Visit the Friends of Harvey Milk Plaza web site to learn more about the project, sign up for updates, and stay informed on our progress.