GOOD Ideas for New Orleans

How can we help the food truck industry in New Orleans?

This is one of the four challenges being addressed by the GOOD Ideas for New Orleans collaboration. This challenge is sponsored by the New Orleans Food Truck Coalition.

Food trucks are an important source of economic opportunity for entrepreneurs of all types. They can also enhance the culinary culture of our city, enliven streets, and provide food options in underserved areas.

However, the codes governing mobile vendors are out-dated and overly restrictive, resulting in fewer jobs, less food service, and less tax revenue. The New Orleans Food Truck Coalition is working to educate leaders and stakeholders about food trucks and leading efforts to reform municipal ordinances. How can we help educate people about food trucks or otherwise advance reform?

We are looking for people of various skills and interests to help us with our mission. Foodies, financiers, and fiction writers are all welcome!

Want to help? Add your comments to the suggestions you would like to contribute to, and the NOFTC will be in touch!

Thank you!

The New Orleans Food Truck Coalition

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