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Mika Smith-Brown

43 neighbors want better public transportation, including a streetcar and better connections to nearby MARTA stations around Turner Field.

Individual comments included:
- a streetcar to downtown
- a monorail like Sandy Springs or at least a shuttle to go around the neighborhoods
- A trolley
- Streetcar down Georgia Ave and Capitol Ave; ultimately connected to existing network
- Better transportation
- Major transportation for the elderly
- MARTA rail ideally, but at minimum more reliable and well-marked buses and bus stops

Supporters All

Sheryl Bennett
Jeff Wooten
John DesJardins
Stephany Martínez
Tony Moore
Caron Buttrum Mattingly
Susan Brinkley
Jeanette Valleau
Michael Floyd
Hannah Palmer
Sigal Carmenate
Scott Dogali
Travis Hewell
Jessica Florez-Gomez


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City of Atlanta Planning

To everyone who has participated on this project, the LCI Draft Plan is available now here: www.stadiumneighborhoodslci.or...

Please share your comments by August 31st to Thank you again for your participation in this community-centered process!

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Posted Jul 25, 2016
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City of Atlanta Planning

The City of Atlanta Department of Planning and Community Development, in partnership with Invest Atlanta, the Atlanta Fulton County Recreation Authority and Perkins+Will, shared the latest design concepts and plan recommendations for the Turner Field Stadium Neighborhoods Livable Centers Initiative (LCI) at the Atlanta Streets Alive event on Sunday, April 17 from 2 - 6 p.m.

“We have a unique opportunity to develop a shared vision for the Turner Field Stadium neighborhoods and I want to ensure that all residents’ voices are heard throughout the entire planning process,” said Mayor Reed. “The new route for Atlanta Streets Alive, down Georgia Avenue from Grant Park to the West End, crosses through the heart of the LCI study area and presents a terrific opportunity for public engagement.”

See the concepts here:

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Posted May 8, 2016
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Viva MARTA Army!

"Unlike your standard riders’ union or transit advocacy group, where folks vocalize and letter-write, the Army stirs up enthusiasm for Atlanta’s trains and buses by helping citizens directly improve them. Its first campaign, “Operation TimelyTrip,” encouraged citizens to “adopt” the responsibility of keeping bus stop information up-to-date; as MARTA changes its seasonal routes, the Army provides special laminated schedules for specific stops to individuals who request them, so they can help fellow riders easily navigate the system (the posters gamely advertise the names of stop-adopters). The second campaign, launched October 19, is raising funds to buy garbage bins for bus stops in East Point, a high-poverty suburb southwest of Atlanta. (The city of East Point has agreed to install and service the cans.) So far, 312 bus stops have been adopted through TimelyTrip—in neighborhoods across the income spectrum—and $5,000 in donations have been collected among community members for “Operation CleanStop,” mostly in $5 and $25 increments."


The Grassroots Group Bent on Improving Atlanta's Transit System, Stop by Stop

“People are realizing that great transit will not come from the sky,” says the co-founder of the MARTA Army.

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Posted Dec 2, 2016
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