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Laura Moody

10 neighbors want a grocer with fresh produce in Atlanta.

"With produce from Wheat Street Gardens and a coffee shop"

One of the most comprehensive reviews of U.S. studies examining neighborhood disparities in food access found that neighborhood residents with better access to supermarkets and limited access to convenience stores tend to have healthier diets and reduced risk for obesity (American Journal of Preventive Medicine, January 2009, Larson et al., 2009).


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Mike Lydon
Sara Thorpe



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Atlanta Regional Commission

"To showcase healthy living in this urban community, our event featured a 3x3 Milk Crate Gardening Demonstration. The 3×3 Project is a community gardening effort dedicated to creating sustainable, productive organic gardens designed to address the hunger and nutrient needs of the community. Community members were very interested in this project and were surprised to find out that a 3′ x 3′ garden can be grown virtually anywhere, from a small apartment balcony to an underutilized parking lot! The food produced by these garden blocks is used to supplement the resources of local food pantries and community shelters."

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Posted Jun 30, 2014
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