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Brian Simmons

We want bike lanes in East Williamsburg in Brooklyn.

East Williamsburg is a major thoroughfare for cyclists, local and nearby, on their way to Manhattan via the Williamsburg bridge or other neighborhoods in North Brooklyn. Being an industrial neighborhood, the roads are pretty unsafe for even experienced cyclists. Roads are unkept, lack of traffic signals makes for fast traffic, and the type of vehicles in this area skew towards large trucks.

With lack of accountability for vehicular manslaughter, the only solution is to recognize the road use is changing and make them safe for cyclists. A similar effort was completed on an industrial stretch of Flushing Ave. I would like to see the same on these main thoroughfares:

1) N/S via Morgan Ave
2) E/W via Johnson Ave

Both streets offer direct access through this neighborhood and can often be seen being used by cyclists. I would prefer a Class I bikeway be installed with protected barriers to keep the trucks safely away from cyclists.

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morgan ave and johnsone ave, brooklyn, ny

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