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Zeke Mermell

14 neighbors want creative ideas for public art & whimsical use of overhead train tracks in/around Broadway Junction in East New York, Brooklyn.

Many streets near and underneath the sprawling Broadway Junction subway station complex feel very unsafe, forlorn, cut-off and unwelcoming due to overhead above-ground subway line infrastructure. Why not do something creative to bring attention & vitality to these places?

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Ari Botsford
Ali Oberg
Owen Iverson
Tom K.
Matthew Henninger
Bryce Council


Broadway Junction

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Zeke Mermell

Thanks Brendan, that was a great read. Interesting to compare the article to what's been recently implemented there by DOT & Dutch Kills Park. I haven't heard of MPA and the trestles work, so I'll be sure to check it out.

Glad you agree on Broadway Junction. So much potential, infill, density, etc. possible there. Do you think gentrification concerns are found or unfound since there's so many vacant lots to build on?

Lets approach MPA to discuss trestle artwork at Bwy Junction!

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Posted Nov 16, 2012
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Zeke, have you seen the work that Marpillero Pollak has been doing looking at train trestles in NYC? Their Queens Plaza project is the farthest along:

Agree 1000% on Broadway Junction. That whole area just mystifies much transit connectivity, and yet it's surface parking lots for *blocks* in every direction.

Queens Plaza: Infrastructure Reframed

Sandro Marpillero, Linda Pollak and Margie Ruddick share perspectives on their transformation of Queens Plaza, recasting the relationship between ecology, art and infrastructure.

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Posted Nov 13, 2012
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