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Nick Buccalo

We want it to be illegal for vehicles to double park within 40 feet of an intersection: ped. / driver safety in Brooklyn.

When trucks park next to a cross walk, it makes it impossible for passing vehicles to see pedestrians easily which can be extremely dangerous. And of course other vehicles have to pass the double parked truck which typically impedes traffic in both directions, posing a serious hazard to themselves, their property and others.  

Currently it is legal for commercial trucks to double park to unload if there is no parking available and they do not block traffic, which is subjective. In the UK, they paint zig-zag lines on the road at intersections warning all drivers to 1) not park (double park) and 2) to warn them of an approaching intersection/cross-walk. For the cost of some paint, our intersections could be made much safer for everyone.

40 feet is two vehicle lengths, which will help drivers traveling at20 to 25 mph to see anyone that might step into the crosswalk. When trucks double park at crosswalks, people have to peak out from behind the truck to see if it is safe to cross, especially difficult for those pushing a stroller.

Video Example from DontDentMyCar YouTube Brooklyn Channel: At 1:39 is a common sight, a postal truck double parked at the crosswalk and in this case in the crosswalk. Government vehicles and drivers should know better… you can see the white car having trouble making a right turn, and the on-coming car not slowing down. At 2:28 a black car service vehicle double parked (and someone making a u-turn through an intersection) making it hard for the SUV to pass.

Photo Image: This driver of the white pickup truck doesn't have good judgement. Not only have they made it difficult for the black vehicle to pass being double parked at the intersection, but it's illegal for a non-commercial vehicle to ever double park. Letting kids ride unsecured in the back may seem like 'fun' except if and when that truck gets tapped by another… Even with a pickup truck one can tell it would be difficult to see pedestrians at the crosswalk. Imagine what a box truck or semi does to the field of view.

Note: it is already illegal for all other vehicles (non-commercial) to double park even if you're sitting in the driver's seat. But it is legal to park at a fire-hydrant if you remain in the vehicle. If you're double parking you're being a burden on other people, slowing them down, endangering their property, costing them higher gas prices and causing more pollution in the city that our children have to breath. Please don't double park.

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Park Slope, Windsor Terrace, Carroll Gardens, Cobble Hill, Brooklyn Height, Crown Heights

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