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Linnea Palmer Paton

16 neighbors want landlords to stop illegally raising rents + provide a copy of rent history and legal rent to tenants in Brooklyn.

Crown Heights and Bed Stuy are rapidly gentrifying. New people moving in isn't necessarily a bad thing; neighborhoods change all the time. However, oftentimes landlords are illegally raising rents -- forcing longtime neighborhood members out of their homes and exploiting the newcomers who often can barely afford the new high rents.

What to do? First, you are entitled to a free copy of your rental history if you live in a rent stabilized apartment. The majority of the apartments in Crown Heights and Bed Sty are rent stabilized. Get a copy of you rent history and find out if you are being illegally overcharged.

For more information on how to obtain a free copy of your rental history visit:

There is also a coalition of old and new residents working together for landlord accountability. You can read more about the campaign in this news article:

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Josh Weihnacht
Patrick Robbins
Jennifer Cullem
Michael Paone
Silvia Andrea Méndez
Alan Joseph Williams
Tom K.
Preston Hall
Molly Washam
Mark Logan



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Tom K.

"It's a big problem. If you don't know your apartment is rent-stabilized, you won't know that your rent is supposed to be at a certain level, along with a host of other protections you could receive through rent stabilization [...] Landlords know if they sit it out long enough, [old tenants] will get frustrated. They can put new paint job in the apartment and charge $900 more.”

It's interesting how prevalent this seems to be. What can be done to provide better education for tenants?

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Posted Jun 18, 2013
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