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Phil Pollman

13 neighbors want less food waste in Blacksburg.

Through testimony from friends who have worked at local grocery stores as well as personally seeing the produce stockpiled for "Composting", the amount of food waste in Blacksburg is intolerable. I think we've drifted too far in our goal to close the carbon cycle, by celebrating slightly damaged produce as fertilizer, rather than an edible and healthy option. Not to diminish the intrinsic, rather than instrumental value of healthy produce, but our bodies are also natural composters! I think one effective way of addressing this problem is to have local groceries post a publicly-accessible log of all the produce that is going to "compost", rather than the dinner table. Strict expiration laws and our demand for cosmetically-perfect produce are other more structural problems that need to be addressed.

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Michael Kulikowski
Grace Friedhoff
Don Schiewer Jr
Alan Joseph Williams
Design for America @ Virginia Tech
Rob C
KC Kolarek
Kevin S



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Alan Joseph Williams

How could Blacksburg reduce food waste? Composting?

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Posted Nov 8, 2012
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