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Chelsea Bobrowski

107 neighbors want more food options at Wayne State.

Suggestions include: 
- Indian
- Vegetarian
- Chick Fil A
- Chipotle
- Jet's Pizza
- Panera Bread
- Higher quality restaurants with meal exchange
- Grocery Shop
- Healthy food selections with low pricing
- Sizzle Pie
- Grand Traverse Pie Co.
- Wendy's
- Pulled pork
- Meal plans that allow more choice (not just Towers Café)
- The new food service is more expensive and lower quality with fewer options than AVI 
- More restaruants and dining for staff and faculty
- A good independent coffee house in the spot that Starbucks is leaving
- Noodles and Company
- Lunch tables in FAB w/ HCs of NYT and WaPo (I know HCs are old fash., but still nice)

Locations suggested: 
- in the Towers

Supporters All

Jeri Stroupe
Wayne State University
Ned Staebler
Amy Roberge
Tevin Jordan Monroe
Aaron Retish
Amber Wolf
Melissa Matkovich
Ian Studders
Yasmine Elghoul
Jacob Drolshagen



Wayne State University

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Wayne State University

Check out the latest progress in creating more amenities for bike parking at Wayne State! New racks at the Student Center provide semi-sheltered space for six bicycles.

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Posted Jul 6, 2016
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Wayne State University

Hopefully by now you've visited the newly renovated Student Center with a variety of dining options available, including a full-service Starbucks:

In addition to the on-campus dining options, did you know there are nearly 100 restaurants within 1.5 miles of campus? Check out this useful tool that maps nearby eateries, including restaurants open until midnight or later on Fridays and Saturdays!

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Posted Feb 27, 2015
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renee c. hoogland

A good wine bar would be great, too; to hang out with colleagues after work, to take visitors.

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Posted Jan 9, 2015
Wayne State University
Wayne State University
Jan 12, 2015

Thanks, Renee. Do you have a suggestion as to where you might want a wine bar or related option located on campus?

Posted by Wayne State University on Jan 12, 2015
Lisa Nuszkowski
Lisa Nuszkowski
Jan 13, 2015

Perhaps this will be an option?

Wayne State Gets Full-Service Starbucks in Renovated Student Center Building

Posted by Lisa Nuszkowski on Jan 13, 2015
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