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Nick Board

22 neighbors want to have a skate park built in midtown at Wayne State.

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Jeri Stroupe
Ian Studders
Jason Troy
Ryan Hord
Elsa Ericson
Pat White
Jacob Drolshagen
Melody Green
Ben Clarke
Andre Jackson
Earl Demske
Alex Burnside
Derek Burbank
Derrick Dykas`

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Wayne State University

Check out the latest progress in creating more amenities for bike parking at Wayne State! New racks at the Student Center provide semi-sheltered space for six bicycles.

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Posted Jul 6, 2016
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Wayne State University

Great idea, Nick! We see a lot of people on skateboards around campus and the surrounding area. Please share this idea with your friends or colleagues to see if they support this idea, too.

Also, let us know if you have a particular location in mind!

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Posted Sep 26, 2014
Alex Burnside
Alex Burnside
Nov 5, 2014

Keep in mind that skateparks shouldn't be intended only for skateboarders. Access for skaters, BMX bike riders, rollerbladers, etc. should all be able to use a park like this freely. It'd be great to see a legal space for us action sports lovers to do what we do here on campus.

Posted by Alex Burnside on Nov 5, 2014
Wayne State University

Good point, Alex. Thanks for sharing.

Posted by Wayne State University on Nov 7, 2014
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