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E'ville Eye

We want locally serving retail at the forthcoming Sherwin Williams development in Emeryville.

Developer Thompson Dorfman is soliciting community input for businesses that Park Avenue residents would like to see at their Central green retail strip. Ideas that have been thrown out include:
A Cafe, Art Gallery, Bike Store, Boutique Pet Store, Florist, Wine Bar, Bakery, Deli/Small Grocer.

What would you like to see here?

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Nancy Gruver
Ryan Price
Miguel Guerrero
Tom K.
Jason Snell
Moira Noiseux


1450 Sherwin Ave, Emeryville, Ca 94608

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None of the possibilities listed in the question, except the food related items, are of interest to me. They're too limited in their offerings and will therefore be high-priced to sustain themselves, making them even less interesting to me. Please make decisions about what goes in these storefronts based on usefulness (e.g., dry cleaners, shoe repair/sales), broader appeal, and sustainability, if possible. And look to areas that are well developed and have offerings well used by the neighborhood. Look to Shattuck in Berkeley, North of University, for example. Or College Avenue in Berkeley around Ashby.

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Posted Oct 11, 2014
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