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Preston Hall

We want Street Sketch – a freestanding community chalkboard for art, ideas, and expression in Hopewell.

The greatest strength of the region is its incredibly diversity. But the area can feel threatening and chaotic. Social interaction and bonding is difficult under the current conditions. We will create a sense of place that is welcoming, calm, and playful. The goal of this project is to contribute to the positive evolution of Market street by designing an oasis that will foster creative interactions among the area’s residents. 

The act of drawing is an inherent human activity, we all draw as children. What better way to spark positive interactions among the community than by tapping into this shared impulse?

To do this, we would utilize the 12 x 12 footprint by covering the majority of it in chalkboard. The core of the design would be a 12’ long, 8’ tall free standing wall. The sidewalk facing side of this structure will be the primary drawing surface. The other three sides will contain information about the project. This free standing wall would also create a barrier between the traffic along Market street and the chalk surfaces for drawing, which would generate a more welcoming sense of place and make the area more conducive to social interaction.


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