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Ponce Beyond

We want a set of city leaders that will actually work hard to bring major businesses & living wage jobs in Memphis.

Enough with these Temp Services jobs that pay people less than $10.00/hr. Our city professionals need to find a way to attract fortune 500 companies to the tri-state area that will provide our citizens with living wage jobs, regardless of peoples' education levels. People in Memphis shouldn't have to struggle to find jobs that pay well when Memphis is the #1 logistics city in the world. I repeat, in the world; Beijing, China is #2 in the world.

Since so much money is coming through Memphis to move the world's products, why aren't there more jobs? Jobs that pay people a living wage? I feel some of our current city leaders have made deals with companies outside of Memphis to host it's warehouses, but hire cheap work through temporary services companies. We should be setting up deals where outside companies would have to invest in Memphis by relocating here or setting up remote locations outside of their home offices here.

We need the people who are in charge of the destination of our great city, to have our best interests at hand. There is no reason Memphis shouldn't be generating more revenue based on the amount of distribution & their products that funnel through here. We need leaders that are willing to act progressively, put the old "small town mentality" aside and operate Memphis like the large city we are! (Memphis Metro Area is estimated to be around 350 sq. miles!). Let's compete with Dallas, Atlanta, Charlotte, Nashville, Houston, etc. Let's progress our city onto the forefront of America's most popular cities!

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Tom K.

What about incubating rather than aiming to bring in or relocate businesses? I've seen many cases where relocated business leave once incentives run out or their business model changes.

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Posted Jul 29, 2013
Ponce Beyond
Ponce Beyond
Mar 19, 2014

I'm so sorry i just read this man. Great idea. International Paper was about to leave this year is they didn't agree to extend their incentives through 2023. Great point Tom.

Posted by Ponce Beyond on Mar 19, 2014
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