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Nycole Leyba

39 neighbors want designated roads, sidewalks, trails, for runners, cyclists, and pedestrians in Mesa.

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Terry Benelli
Sara Harrop
Ryan Winkle
Jarred Tyler Hamm
Terry E. Harman
Colleen Venti
Bart Jolley
Levi Leyba
Isaac Lundgren
Lesli Sebastian
Kendra Flake
Janet Forde
SarahAshley Oliver
Ashley Williams Hale
Karina Ellis Wilhelm
Paragon Cycling

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City of Mesa, AZ

If you have ideas of where you would like to see paths, trails, sidewalks etc., let us know. This will be very helpful to the citizen committee. If there is a specific style of path you like, consider posting a picture. Examples from other cities are welcome. Keep it up!

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Posted Jul 12, 2017
Sep 19, 2017

Paving the Eastern canal from Broadway to McKellips would be awesome! I really like the asphalt paving on the new stadium connector rather than concrete.

Posted by Joy on Sep 19, 2017
T Moon
T Moon
Sep 29, 2017

Also, installing a canal crossing at Horne and Inca Streets would be awesome!

Posted by T Moon on Sep 29, 2017
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