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Tania Jane

34 neighbors want Mesa School Districts to implement gardening and sustainability programs in the schools in Mesa.

It would be important to teach the generations to come how to plant, grow, and prepare fresh fruit and veg.  This combined with instruction on how to grow organic without reliance on pesticides, will contribute to the health and well-being of the growing Mesa population.   School gardens and growing competitions would be a fun venture to look into to ignite youth interest.  



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Jarred Tyler Hamm
Reta Yanik
Levi Leyba
Lauren DeLaix Cluff
Rosie Clay
Lesli Sebastian
Lou Kebort
Lori Jo Smith
Crystal L'Vea Hackett
Mateo Cruz
Allison Boley
Kathy Hogan Eustace
Katie Jones
Stacy Guthrie
Ashley L. Camhi

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Stacy Guthrie
My husband and I recently launched our business and our goal is to teach people how to garden in their own backyards. WE are both Mesa natives and would love to see our city flourish (both figuratively and literally)!
We offer various tiers that fit your needs and we also have free information on our website about what, when, and how to plant your garden. However, we have found through the years that the most successful gardeners are those that learn in person rather than through the internet! Check out our page (it's still getting built out) and contact us if you want to start growing!

Posted Oct 5, 2017
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